Melbourne In Time From Personal Experience

Rialto Towers

I remember the completion of the Rialto Towers, making it Melbourne’s tallest building. It was actually named after a much older building that stood next door. The Rialto Towers is made of two conjoined towers, clad in glass. You could easily observe its beautiful blue color during the day as it reflects the beautiful blue sky, or see its golden lights fill the dark night sky.

Postcode 3000 Policy Implementation


Then came a time when Melbourne experienced bad economy. Central business district vacancy rates peaked. This did not only occur in Melbourne, but all over Australia. Overly high unemployment rates and inflationary pressures were observable on daily walks around the city. Even Bob Hawke believed that Australia being in danger of becoming “the white trash of Asia” is not an overstatement.

Postcode 3000 policy was then coordinated by the city of Melbourne. This was a planning policy which then attracted lots of residents to the city centre of Melbourne. Old warehouses and offices were converted into apartments, dropping vacancy rates. People were brought back to work and the birth of new apartments gave effect to an increased economic activity towards the city centre. This in turn increased the desire of creating more commercial space to cover for the many jobs created.

Melbourne then won the right to hold the Australian Grand Prix. It was then held at Albert Park Lake. This event had many controversies however, because Albert Park was a renowned lake in Melbourne. Many protests were organized following the claim that the race turned a public park into a private playground once a year, also saying that the race would cost a lot and would have been better spent on motor racing on a premade track elsewhere and that the economic benefits of the racetrack were not real.

Melbourne Museum

Melbourne Museum officially opened by the year 2000. This gallery was specially made for children who have the desire to learn. Schools have been offering field trips to this museum, allowing children to discover the story of Melbourne, and of course, some other educational materials such as complete skeletons of some animals, and more major exhibits. The Melbourne Museum also allowed many tourists, and became a go-to for a lot of tourists who want to learn about the past of Melbourne.

Few years passed, The Commonwealth Games were then held in Melbourne. The Opening and Closing ceremonies were held in the Melbourne Cricket Ground. As a country of many outstanding athletes, it is an honor for Melbourne to have held the 18th Commonwealth Games. Athletes around the globe competed for medals to bring honor to their countries and themselves as well.


A disaster befell the city in the form of the Victorian bushfires. These were the worst fires the city has experienced. Many towns north-east of Melbourne were either badly damaged or obliterated completely. Thousands of people were left homeless by the fires, also claiming the lives of more than a hundred people. These fires were caused mainly by separate reasons, but altogether, it was the worst life taking bushfire in Australia.

Melbourne Has Its Up and Down

Melbourne may be a great city, but it had its ups and downs before it became the place it is now. With the help of the government and the community, and of course, foreign relations, it has achieved many more favourable changes and improvements through time. I hope that learning about the past of Melbourne would help you understand how Melbourne was made great.