About Us

Adrian EllisonLiving in Melbourne throughout the years, I’m the person who had experienced the changes real time. Establishments being replaced, places being considered as a heritage, improvements and effort being done to preserve the cultural beauty has been a good experience for me.

But through these years, technology also evolved. Internet is not much during my childhood that if you would the younger version of me stories from these, he might not believe it. During these moments, we have no choice but to keep up, otherwise, if you are not interested in doing so, you’ll get left behind.

Both of these are the ideas that pushed me in creating my blog, Speedie Computers. Though, it started from a tutorial for technologies for old fashioned people, I noticed that even I will need a good tutorial. If someone who needs a tutorial for himself to do something, I don’t think that he’ll be an expert enough to teach other people about it. So that’s why I decided to change the format of this website into something that I can do. And that is appreciate Melbourne.

Though I will not say that I am the best blog about Melbourne around, let us face it, Speedie Computers will not be, what I could be sure about is to use my advantage to the fullest. The advantage of knowledge through the years of living in Melbourne.

This blog will focus on Melbourne and its history. Please stay tuned for our educational post.

If you would like to submit some corrections, please use our contact page to get connected to us directly.